28 x 36 x 0.75 inches

Original acrylic painting on canvas

This piece is varnished to ensure durability and includes a certificate of authenticity. Ready-to-hang kit included upon request (if not deciding to frame) at no extra cost.

I’m more than happy to hand deliver if within a certain radius to Southampton, Hampshire.


My first acrylic painting, marking the beginnings of my progression into painting and development of a new style. My favourite subject, tigers! Fierce, powerful, and so beautiful. Originally the painting only included the tiger with a simple background. After sitting with it for a few days, I felt the piece needed more movement, energy, and anger. So I experimented by basically throwing paint around, and the end result was this. My goal with this was to emanate the powerful and wild nature of the tiger.


Please get in touch to enquire about this painting.


Thanks so much for looking at my work 🙂