Want to learn how to draw realistic animals with coloured pencils?

Feeling stuck and want some fun drawing projects?

Then my Patreon might be for you!


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I have been taking commissions for portraits and custom art for 8 years, and over that time I have learnt a lot about business, developed my process, discovered the best materials and tools, picked up lots of techniques, hacks and tips… and I’d LOVE to share it all with you!

I am completely self-taught. Everything I have learnt has come from experimenting, trial and error, asking other artists for advice, and learning techniques online that I have tweaked and made my own. I believe that ANYONE with a passion and desire to create realistic art, with guidance and knowledge, absolutely CAN!


Soo… I’m interested. What actually IS Patreon?

Patreon is a platform designed for artists and other creators. It is a subscription service which allows me to share all my skills and knowledge to a wide audience for a small cost per month.

It works out a lot cheaper than regular art classes, workshops and tutoring, and allows you to stay motivated, support me on my journey as well as help me to invest in better supplies and equipment, and be part of an awesome, kind group who share your passion for drawing.


Intriguing, what exactly do I get if I sign up?

REAL-TIME, step-by-step, in-depth videos and FULL tutorials, at least one new video per week

I share my techniques + tips, showing exactly how I create my art from start to finish

These videos might be on a specific technique, tip or focus – such as ‘all about layering’ or ‘drawing tiger fur’ – or videos showing a full tutorial for drawing an animal

I also explain what materials I use and are best for each tutorial, share what tools I use and why, and give some alternatives (as I know not everyone can get access to or afford the exact materials + tools I use)



I don’t just show how I create my art in real-time; each video comes with a voiceover detailing exactly what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and why I choose to make certain decisions during the process. I’ll explain my colour choices and how I create depth and tone, and show how I use certain techniques and tricks to create different effects.

Drawing animals is kind of my thing, it’s what I love drawing the most, so the majority of tutorials will be focused around wildlife and pets!

See all my available videos and tutorials HERE.


Ok cool… how much will this cost me?!

$4 (approx. £3.50) a month.

When you sign up, you immediately get access to all my previous tutorials and videos, and get exclusive access to all new videos I upload regularly.

Becoming part of my Patreon not only means you get awesome rewards, you’re allowing me to create even more content, upgrade my equipment so I can make better videos, and also keep me fed and able to pay my bills aha 😀


What if I want personal advice on how to improve my art?

No problem! I have a Personal Art Critique tier on Patreon for $19 (approx. £16.50) a month, where – in addition to having access to all tutorials and videos – you can submit one piece of art to me per month for in-depth, personal constructive advice and tips, tailored to you.


What if I change my mind?

Absolutely fine. It’s super easy to cancel or adjust your subscription anytime – just go to your account settings 🙂


My Patreon is Alice Ladkin Art, click HERE to go to my Patreon page!