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Tips for drawing realistically with coloured pencils

How to Get SUPER BRIGHT WHITE + Fine Details (Artist Hacks)

Wanna learn some cool art hacks for getting super bright white and fine details into your coloured pencil drawings? Look no further! Over the years I’ve learnt about some awesome tools and useful tips for achieving those all important fine details that help make coloured pencil drawings pop. As with all my coloured pencil tips, …

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How to Use Clairefontaine Pastelmat with Coloured Pencils

Pastelmat is for… pastels, right? Well, yes. They also happen to work wonderfully with coloured pencils! What? Why? How? Clairefontaine Pastelmat has particular  features that make it great to use with coloured pencils. Read on to find out the main features of Pastelmat and how you can use these properties to create realistic, colourful and …

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Why EXPERIMENTING is Vital when Learning to Draw with Coloured Pencils

As a former perfectionist, I always needed to get everything right first time. Not only was this unrealistic, it was also anxiety-provoking and often crippling to creativity. I am now a HUGE fan of experimenting. It’s through experimenting that you learn what you like, don’t like, enjoy, don’t enjoy, what works well, what doesn’t, etc! …

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COLOURED PENCIL TIPS: Are You Holding Your Pencil Wrong? How to Hold your Pencil for Different Techniques

I love this coloured pencil tip so much! It sounded so simple when I first thought about it, yet it is so effective and often overlooked. Read on for some tips on how to make the most of your pencils and achieve different results by holding your pencil in different ways 😊 As with all …

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COLOURED PENCIL TIPS: How Sharp Does Your Pencil Need to Be?

Might seem overdramatic, but learning this tip (see what I did there…ha) literally changed my life. Or at least transformed my approach to my drawing and drastically improved the level of realism I could achieve. DISCLAIMER: these are tips that worked for me personally when on the epic search for creating realism and I liked …

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