Coloured Pencil Techniques

Techniques for drawing realistically with coloured pencils

  • Coloured Pencil Techniques

    4 IMPORTANT Coloured Pencil Techniques – What They Mean + How to Do Them

    You can watch the video version of this article here:   There’s always four techniques I’m constantly thinking of when I’m drawing: Layering Blending Burnishing Glazing I teach these techniques in my workshop. They all form part of my process of creating a coloured pencil drawing from sketch to finished polished piece.   Layering I would argue that layering is the most important fundamental technique, and is what ultimately brings a piece together. Layering builds up tone and colour, creates depth, and transforms a dull, flat drawing into a rich and realistic one that stands out. The amount of layers depends on many factors: the materials being used, how much…

  • Coloured Pencil Techniques

    COLOURED PENCIL TECHNIQUES: Burnishing – What it Means & How to Burnish Effectively

    If you’re anything like me, you heard of the term ‘burnishing’ with coloured pencils, did your research, did some more research… and just got more and more confused. Or maybe you’ve never heard the term before, or just heard it once, and don’t know what on earth I’m on about. Either way, you’ve clicked to read this article, so hopefully I can help 😊   In one sentence, what exactly IS burnishing? Here’s my best summary: Smoothing out the tooth of the paper so it is completely covered with coloured pencil. That’s. It. I think sometimes it’s made way more complicated than it actually is. Most papers suitable for coloured…