My name is Alice Ladkin and I’m a contemporary artist living in Southampton, UK.

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to fill blank books, canvases and walls with doodles, colour, and art! After focusing purely on realistic portrait commissions for 7 years, I fell pregnant with my son, Covid happened, and my whole outlook on my art changed. I wanted to create original art from my heart and soul. The art I had been creating became too restrictive.

I’m hugely inspired by colour, wild animals, and female empowerment. I aim to create colourful art that definitely doesn’t want to blend in! Colour, chaos and beautiful things probably sums my art up best.

My style is constantly evolving. It’s a careful balance of control and chaotic. I love the whole process, from making precise, controlled marks to wild and unpredictable ones, and using techniques that add energy and depth to my art. I love a beautiful combination of abstract and realism.

Thanks so much for viewing my artwork! Any queries, please feel free to email me at

Alice x