About Me

My name is Alice Ladkin and I live in Hampshire, UK, with my crazy collie Sky. I’ve been obsessed with colouring since I can remember! As a kid I was always doodling, I used to get in trouble at school for drawing all over my books and doodling instead of listening.

The reason I actually got into art was maybe not a traditional one; my sister was ‘the artist’ in the family, and being super competitive I had to be the best… guess I just got obsessed and took it to extremes! Love you, sis 😀

I began a pet portraits business when I was 18 on 1st January 2012 (just so it was easy to remember for my first tax return, haha). Over the years, I have learnt so much about business, and I have never stopped learning new things and improving my skills.

On a whim I decided to run a workshop in Bristol. Honestly, it changed my life and I discovered how much I loved teaching and inspiring others to create (and sell!) art. I decided to take my teaching online and created online video tutorials, tips/advice videos, and coloured pencil courses on a well-known platform: Patreon. I also started a YouTube channel and Instagram, and things have been growing ever since!

I absolutely love my job and it never really feels like work to be honest.

So, there’s a little about me. If you have any questions about any of my work or teaching, please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂