New Website…

Hi everyone!

If you have visited my website before, you may have noticed that I’ve been making a few changes to the structure and layout of the website. I’ve been updating the site to try and make things a bit clearer, less cluttered, and generally cleaner.

Part of the updating process involved completely refreshing my blog, hence why this seems like the first post! 🙂 You can still find progress photos from my 2012-2013 portraits on my Facebook page, but from now on, my website blog will show photos of my pet portraits & Art from June 2014 onwards.

You can of course view all of my portraits in my Portrait Gallery at any time.

I really hope you like the new changes (or if you’re a new visitor – I hope you like my site!) . If you notice something that looks a little odd, or you have a suggestion for improvement, please feel free to let me know 🙂

Alice x